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George Barna’s Research Group has conducted several nationwide surveys on this subject . This survey information, taken from telephone interviews with a nationwide random sample of 1002 adults, was conducted in February 2000.

(a) For instance, 9 out of 10 adults describe themselves as being ‘self-sufficient.’ (92%)

(b) And, most people (2 out of 3) admit that they ‘like to be in control of their own lives.’ (66%)

The following terms were used in the survey by those being surveyed who confessed to be born again Christians, in describing themselves:

(a) Stressed Out: 31%

(b) Too Busy: 49%

(c) Needing New Friends: 50%

(d) In Debt: 40%

(e) Dealing with Addiction: 11%

(f) Self-Sufficient: 90%

(g) Searching for purpose: 48%

(h) Skeptical: 55%

(i) Likes to ‘be in control’: 62%

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