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One time there was a newspaper office in that always had a practice that if the pastors in that city would call in and give them texts and titles to their messages, they would print them in the paper so all the people in the city would know on what subject their pastor was preaching on the coming Sunday. So one day a pastor called in and said, "This coming Sunday I am speaking on Psalm 23. The title of my message is ’The Lord is my shepherd.’" The secretary, who answered the phone said, "Will that be all?" And the pastor answered, "That’s enough." But the secretary did not understand what he meant by that. So when the title appeared in the paper all it said was, "The Lord is my shepherd and that’s enough." That’s the heartbeat of Psalm 23. When the Lord is your shepherd, that’s enough. You have the answer to the five biggest problems of life - worry, rest, fear, direction and the future. When the Lord is your shepherd, that’s enough.

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