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Jesus didn't come to burden us with a list of rules and regulations and things that holy people do and don't do. Oh, he still calls us to be holy but not according to some manmade list: don't drink, don't ever go into a bar or a pub, don't go to movies, don't play cards, don't wear this clothing, read your bible at such and such, pray in this particular way and so on. Now there are some of these things that might be extremely beneficial and important to be aware of, but if you are serious about pursuing God and God's ways, then God through Jesus will reveal to you through his spirit and through his Word and through his people what he needs for you to do when he feels you are ready to do with his strength for you to do it. And here is the tension: many times we don't really want to hear what God desires for us. We wish we could but we don't really want to.

Jesus says come to me. Not a list of rules. Not a set of expectations whether they are realistic or not. Come to me personally.

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