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One man that I remember from several years ago talked about his drinking. He like to go to the bar after work and throw back a few brews at the end of the week. Sometimes he would get a little intoxicated but he wasn’t an alcoholic. At one point he felt the Lord telling him to give it up. He didn’t really want to. He wasn’t hurting anybody. He even rationalized that he could perhaps tell people about God but eventually he let God’s Spirit break down his resolve and he finally with a sense of brokenness and defeat and reluctance “gave in” as he put it.

When I talked to him, it had been over ten years. He said that he immediately began to feel better physically. He had more energy. He didn’t seem to get sick as much. He didn’t get congested in his chest. Food tasted better. Smells were more vibrant. Even though he didn’t smoke, the smoke in the bar was getting to him more than he thought. He even lost some weight because he wasn’t drinking those extra calories.

But most of all, he said that God began to open up so many opportunities and blessings for him. He rarely thinks about it now and doesn’t even know why he was so reluctant to give up in the first place.

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