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Text Illustrations
The largest church in the world is Central Gospel Church, in Seoul, Korea. It has an estimated membership of 500,000 people, and is growing at a rate of 10,000 members a month. The pastor, Paul Y. Cho, has his city divided into 12 districts with numerous small cell groups that meet together once a week in each district. Each of these cell groups is made up of somewhere around 10-15 families. These cell groups have a clear goal or objective: Which is: to win two people to Christ every year. - Knowing that if they get two heads of households to accept Christ as their Savior, that more than likely their entire families will also become believers. Pastor Cho once said, "On the wall of our church offices are maps and charts for each district. In fact, it looks like a military strategy room. This is a war we are fighting. The enemy is the devil. The battlefield is the hearts of lost humanity. The object is to get as many souls saved as possible before Jesus comes."