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Pres. Teddy Roosevelt once told of a very interesting incident in his own life. He wrote, "On the beautiful little island of Islamorada, there are several hundred homes that belong to people who come to stay for the summer. I fell in love with that island & spent 4 summers up there."

"I had often heard of a salty ‘down easter’ who lived up there & was called ‘Uncle John’ by everyone. He was so quaint & such a character that he was a welcome guest in the homes of all the prominent families. Once when I went to visit in one of those homes, I was asked if I had ever met Uncle John & I told them, ‘No, but I’ve been wanting to meet him.’ ‘Well, he’s in our kitchen right now. Come on out.’

"They introduced us & we liked each other right off, so we sat & chatted for nearly an hour. When I got up to leave, I held out my hand & said, ‘Uncle John, I surely am glad I got to meet you. If ever I can do you a favor, I want you to feel free to call on me. Will you?’

"He answered, ‘I certainly will, Mr. President. In fact, there is a favor I would ask of you right now, something that you can do & I so wish that you would do it.’ Then Uncle John smiled. ‘Look,’ he said, & he pointed to a little white church up on the hill. ‘Pres. Roosevelt, you’re a Christian, but I haven’t seen you up there at church. If you, the President of the U.S., would come up there to church, all of the people on this island would flock up there. Don’t you want them to go to church? Don’t you think they need to go to church?’”

Teddy Roosevelt wrote, "I hung my head in shame & told him, ‘I’ll be there this Sunday.’ Sure enough, there was standing room only in that church the next Sunday. I never missed another Sunday in that little white church while I stayed up there. I was ashamed of myself before my Heavenly Father that I had been such a poor witness for Him."

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