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“Fairy tale Princes Story Turns Sour After Newlyweds Lose Money.” So read the headlines of the Daily Herald in Chicago on February 20, 1996. A newlywed couple had left a black zippered case on the roof of their car as they sped away from the reception to begin their honeymoon. The case had all their wedding gift money in it - $12,000. By the time they reached their destination it was gone.

Two days later the same newspaper carried headlines to a related story: “Finders Keepers? Not All Believe It!” David Yi, an unemployed suburban resident, had come upon a black bag with $12,000 in cash. In spite of his mounting bills and jobless state, he didn’t keep the money. Tracking the couple down, he returned the full amount. When asked why he turned it al in, he said, “I guess it doesn’t matter whether it’s $50 or $1,000 or $1 million. It doesn’t belong to you.”

Upon investigation, the media discovered that David Yi acting as Good Samaritan was consistent with his overall character. David had found $50 the year before and turned it in as well. When offered jobs because of the exposure he received, Yi said he would only consider jobs he was qualified for. He felt accepting a managerial position for which he was unequipped was dishonest.

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