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Opening Illustration from Step Mom:

Scene were the dad explains to the children what happened to his and their mothers love for one another. He misrepresents what Love really is. But this scene shows that the world does not know what true love is.

Luke explains to his children why he and their mom got a divorce. He sugarcoats the issue by saying that they still love each other, but it's a different kind of love. Naturally, the children don't understand and want him to get back together with their mom. Children often hear the lamest excuses and get a warped sense of what love should be. God's love, however, never wavers and never leaves.

God's love for us always remains the same and never changes. We find that the world especially Hollywood desires to re-write the definition of love. Why? Because then they will not feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit for their role-modeling of deceptive meanings of love to the society we live in. Truth is if we define love God's way and Biblically, then we discover that you can not fall out of love. Love is clearly defined in 1 Corinthians as patient, persevering, not self seeking and so on.

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