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I want you to listen to a poem from a teenager in Chicago who expresses how important you are as fathers and fatherly figures:

Maggie’s Poem

Do you know, do you understand,

that you represent Jesus to me?

Do you know, do you understand,

that when you treat me with gentleness

It raises the question in my mind

that maybe He is gentle too?

Maybe He isn’t someone who laughs

when I am hurt.

Do you know, do you understand

that when you listen to my question

and you don’t laugh, I think,

"What if Jesus is interested in me too?"

Do you know, do you understand

that when I hear you talk about arguments

And conflicts and scars

from the past, that I think,

"Maybe I am just a regular person

instead of a bad, no good little girl

who deserves abuse."

If you care, I think maybe He cares.

And then there’s this flame of hope

that burns inside of me for a while

I am afraid to breathe because it might go out

and I will once again have nothing

But a God who mocks and laughs

and ignores me.

Do you know, do you understand

that your words are His words?

Your face, His face

to someone like me.

Please be who you say you are.

Please God, don’t let this be another trick.

Please let this be real


Do you know, do you understand

Who you are?

Copyright Maggie Gross 6/23/94

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