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Why women choose abortions from National Right to Life:

Ē Social Reasons (given as primary reason)

Ē 25% - Feels unready for child/responsibility

Ē 23% - Feels she can't afford baby

Ē 19% - Has all the children she wants

Ē 8% - Relationship problems/Single

Ē 7% - Feels she isn't mature enough

Ē 4% - Interference with education/career plans

Ē <1% - Parents/Partner wants abortion

Ē <6.5% - Other reasons

TOTAL: 93% (Approx.)

Ē "Hard Cases" (given as primary reason)

Ē 4% - Mother's Health

Ē 3% - Baby may have health problem

Ē <0.5% - Rape or Incest

TOTAL: 7% (Approx.)

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