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Once, I took the kids up to the cabin without Pam. The cabin is a rustic place with no running water, no electricity, but plenty of space for the kids to run and play. On the day that we were to come back home, I got them dressed in the morning, packed up the van, and loaded them in. I took a look at them as I was getting them in the van, and thought they look pretty good – a little grubby, but clean enough. They all slept as I drove until we pulled into a McDonalds to get lunch – I looked back at them, and they were disgusting! What looked clean at the cabin, now in the light of civilization looked disgusting!

Isaiah had the same experience – he looked pretty good – good enough to walk into the temple, but in the gleaming light of the presence of a holy God in whom there is no shadow or turning, he was dirty enough to die! “I’m going to die!” he says. He is a prophet of the most high, out of his mouth come the very words of God – and he says “I am a man of unclean lips, and I come from a people of unclean lips.

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