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King Saul tried to kill David numerous times. When Saul would be in David’s hand, David would refrain from showing him evil. Instead, he would spare Saul. He showed respect for his office of king, which led him to showing the mercy that Saul didn’t deserve. Sometimes, this led Saul to seeing the error of his ways. David waited for God to avenge him, even though that took years. David overcame evil with good.

That is what our God does. He overcomes evil with God. This is depicted on the front of our bulletin this morning. On the cross, where our Savior was nailed and His blood poured out, God overcame many things. He overcame our sin, the violations and wrongs done to Him, through Jesus’ perfect life and sacrifice. He repays our sin with mercy and forgiveness, not with wrath and condemnation. He overcame death with, ironically, the death of His Son. Through what Satan thought to be his greatest hour, killing God’s Son, came His greatest defeat with Jesus’ resurrection. We will see His victory fully at the Last Day when His enemies will be defeated, and sickness, pain, and sadness will be overcome. Our God overcomes evil with good, He overcame it through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

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