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I was walking by the beach the other day and there were 4-6 foot waves pounding on the shore. All I could hear was the roar of those waves. Then I noticed an object suspended in the air above the trees near the shore. it was a hawk with its wings spread out enjoying the wind! The hawk was so still in comparison with the noise of the waves, the swaying trees, and the gusting winds. the hawk seems to be in so much peace in spite of all the potential distractions. I thought about Jesus Christ hanging on a tree who was at peace with the work He had done for man’s sins. Then I thought about my dependence on God, who is peace, in spite of all the potential distractions in my life. I stood still for a moment and stretched out my arms, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the power I can have through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is good to remember to be still and know God!

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