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PEACE AT ANY PRICE-----I had Speech professor in college whose specialty was studying group interaction. She studied how groups of people interact differently in formal meetings as opposed to informal meetings. (Pretty interesting stuff huh?)

Be that as it may, she got herself involved in a group of people who were world peace advocates. These people had a passion to oppose anything that prevented world peace, their passion was so strong she could only term as religious in nature. It seemed that all they could ever talk about was the world peace and how it could be attained. My professor was there with them in their group to study their interactions, not to be a peace activist, the problem was, she never told them that she was only there to study their interactions and had no interest in anything to do with world peace. They thought she was one of them.

These were good people who were willing to do anything they could to bring about world peace. They were honest, honorable, intelligent people who wanted to be good people and were willing to do what it takes to be a good person. My professor was with the group for several months and after a few months she saw a change in the group’s dynamics. What she saw with some members, though not all the members, with some of the group’s members there was an increasing willingness to attain world peace by any means necessary. Ironically the talk about how to obtain world peace, turned to obtaining world peace by means of violence. Somehow, some of the peace activist were willing to perpetrate violent acts to bring about peace.

Then, there was an alarming change, some members started making actual plans to use violence against certain individuals - ironically, with the hope of a greater world peace. My professor could not believe it and since she felt that lives were in danger, she revealed who she really was, a professor of Speech. The group was silent upon her revelation.

The peace activists were quite upset. They felt that she had lied to them, that she had betrayed them, and well, they were right. My professor was banned from the group that night and she went directly to the FBI with information about the potentially violent members of the peace group.

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