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THIRST ---- Believe it or not I played football in high school. Football started in August where I grew up, and in August the daily temperatures were usually 100 - 120 degrees. That’s hot. Of course our brilliant coaches insisted we wear full padding for practice. Further, some einstein purchased uniforms for the football team that were the color - black.

You can imagine thirst quickly set in.

We as a team were not allowed to have a drink until we as a team accomplished whatever the coaches set out for us to accomplish as a team during our practice. Unfortunately we as a team never seemed to be able to accomplish what was set before us. So our thirst grew ever stronger.

It turns out, that I am a person who faints rather easily. The team soon discovered that when I fainted, they received a water break. So the pressure was on for me to faint frequently.

The problem, for me anyway, was this: How we had a water break was that the coaches had filled up a large Colman cooler with water from a hose. They set out little plastic cups, and upon permission the whole team of about 40 guys ran to the cooler and scooped out drinks.

Well, I had fainted. I was out, they were drinking. By the time I got to the cooler for a drink everyone had already had their fill. What remained was a cooler filled with grass, dirt, sweat and other things I just didn’t want to even think about. It was a cooler full of potential disease. One big bucket of disgust.

But, thirst needed to be satisfied.

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