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“My kids were lost and I didn’t even know it.” ...

When I was in school in Dallas my 2 kids 6 & 9, spent the afternoon with a pastor friend of mine Garris Baggett and his wife. Janet and I were at work and didn’t even know the kids had wandered off until we got home late that night. Evidently the kids had gone for a walk to a small pond out in the country where they lived and had gotten lost. Garris and his wife were frantic. That night Garris came over and we thought it was to bring the kids. He came to the door with the most dreadful look on his face and said the kids were lost. What do you mean we said, not fully realizing what he was talking about. About that time the phone rang and his wife said the kids were found. A police car brought them home after answering a call from a small country store, and he picked them up on the side of the road. Wow, talk about an emotional roller coaster. What an awesome relief for Garris after looking and calling all afternoon. He was devastated. Have you ever lost someone? You did whatever it took didn’t you. Do we have the same passion for our friends and loved ones who could at any moment fall into eternity without Christ? by Richard McNair

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