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Ghandhi--Worship without Sacrifice

In a conference with the British Government, Ghandhi said that human beings must take great care not to be molded by external forces that can destroy their lives, their families, their community, and their nation. He called these forces “The 7 social sins”

1. Politicians without moral character

Can you think of anyone like this?

2. Riches without working for it

Do you know anyone who fits this?

3. Business or commerce without morality

Have you ever been ripped off by someone in the marketplace?

4. Pleasure without conscience

Our nation allows the murder of unborn human beings just for a few moments of pleasure.

5. Education without moral principles

Have you ever heard the credo “the world is filled with educated derelects?

6. Science without a commitment to humanity

Would you agree that technology is growing at exponential rates but we are far behind in our moral commitments to humanity in which technology is made to serve?

The 7th social sin is the one that Ghandhi referred that hits us right between the eyes.

7. Worship without Sacrifice

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