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Rick Stacy, Pastor in Okemos, Michigan tells a story about Ken Bailey.

Ken was a laborer on the Alaska Pipeline back in the mid 70’s. He worked up in the icy cold for a year and came back with $30,000. That was a lot of money 30 years ago! He blew it all in a month.

He went back and in six months made another $18,000. He came home again and this time he decided to visit church.

The first Sunday he walked through the doors and sat in the back seat I had two thoughts - 1) He looked just like Grizzly Adams - beard and all and 2) Here was a man that would never become a Christian.

I preached the message and gave an invitation. The instant the music began Ken came rushing down the aisle. I thought he was going to crush me! Tears came down his face as he gave his life to Jesus.

The next Sunday he came back to services and I didn’t recognize him -he was dressed in a 3 piece suit and no beard! When I asked what caused him to shave and dress up he said, "Jesus changed me on the inside and I want people to know it - so I changed the outside."

SOURCE: Rick Stacy, Meridian Christian Church, Okemos, Michigan.

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