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Where has the time gone? There is a time for everything but, that never seem to bother me when I was young. But as I get older I consider almost everything in time. It’s time to take my medicine, it’s time to go to the doctor, it’s time for this or time for that. One of the few things Brenda and I watch on TV is Shark Tank. It’s a program about Millionaires and Billionaires who deal with ordinary folks who have invented something that the Sharks can invest in. Many times the Sharks will invest and make the ordinary guy rich and of course the Shark (investor) millions of dollars.

Mark Cuban the richest man on the panel is said to be worth almost 3 Billion dollars. That makes him one of the richest men in America. We have seen him not invest in a great idea because the inventor needed to build the company before it could make big money. So he has said many times…”That would take lots of time to get the company at the stage of being very profitable and my most valuable asset is time”…so he says “I’m out”…meaning, I’m not interested in spending that much time on one investment.

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