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I’ve been a pastor a long time, and I’ve encouraged a multitude of folks to get regular about worshipping. But I’ve also been told a similar multitude of times, Preacher, you don’t have to go to church to worship.

Now, I would say that that is true; I am also certain that if you say you believe that, you really need to say the whole sentence, which is:

You don’t have to go to church to worship,

but if you don’t you probably won’t.

Can we talk? I really enjoy gathering with my family for birthdays and other outings, or just spending time with Elizabeth (except at the mall).

Aside from that, golf is my major hobby (if you can call something you do twice a year a bone-fide hobby). I will tell you this, I cannot recall the last time I recited the Lord’s Prayer or the Shorter Westminster catechism before the first tee.

I have prayed to make a good shot; at least to not embarrass myself in front of a good golfer - but mostly I am not worshipping! I am thinking about back-swing, follow-through and putting. I have never sung a hymn of praise to Jesus on the golf course, and I know the only offering I ever gave was required - they called it "greens fees" - and they didn’t use it for missions!

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