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In my secular vocation I am a computer project manager for the Duke University School of Medicine. I primarily develop web based, “anywhere” access “web-top” applications that people use throughout the medical school. One of the most beautiful and liberating aspects of my job is that although I have an office in 0159 Purple Zone of the South Hospital, I do not have to be there to work. Since all of my applications and databases are Internet based, as long as I can access an internet connection, I can program and develop my systems. I can work from home; I can work from many of the coffee shops and bookstores that offer wireless internet access. Since I travel a lot for my job, as I am on the road in other parts of the country, as long as I have a high speed internet connection I can access my office network, my database systems, my applications, securely, safely and productively no matter where I am.

Brothers and sisters you and I have to realize a great importance of my worship life, and that fact is that in the same way that I can open my laptop and connect onto a high speed network to do my secular business, I can also open my heart and connect onto a high speed network to do my spiritual business. And just as my secular operations no longer requires me to be in the actual office that I am based, my spiritual operations do not require me to be in the actual physical sanctuary that I am based. We all have a continuous, always-on, high-speed spiritual network that we can always use to worship God whether we are here or out somewhere on the road.

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