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There are those Christians who boast that they never miss Sunday services while on the other hand fail to attend midweek services or evening fellowships. That is not enough! You are only lying to yourself since we don’t attend church to please the lay leaders or the pastor but to have communion with God. Actually, many church services, on average, do not exceed three hours. When I was working on the mathematics, I realized that three hours in a month of four Sundays, totals to 12 hours ( 3 x 4 =12 ). This sums up to 144 hours in a year ( 12 hrs x 12 months = 144 hrs in a year ). Therefore, 144 hrs divided by 24 hrs in a day makes 6 (six ) days in a year! We all know that a year has about 366 days, and therefore taking 6 out of 366 we get 360 days. Imagine! A ...

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