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millionaire /giving is not a one time enrollment fee but daily we must belong to the Lord

I Dare You to Do It Again

A little church was having a homecoming service to which ex-members, who had moved away, were invited. One of the former members had become a millionaire. When asked to speak, the wealthy man recounted his childhood experience. He had earned his first silver dollar which he had decided to keep forever. "But when a visiting missionary preached about the urgent need for funds in his mission work, and the offering basket was passed, a great struggle took place within me. As a result," the wealthy man said, "I put my treasured silver dollar in the basket. I am convinced that the reason God has blessed me richly is that when I was a boy I gave God everything I possessed."

The congregation was spellbound by the multi-millionaire’s tremendous statement until an elderly little man seated in the front row rose and said, "Brother, I dare you to do it again."(E-Sword)

Giving is Living : Are you still alive?

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