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James Dobson recently wrote about the difference between the current generation and the WW II generation of fifty years ago:

"Commitment, dedication, and patriotism have given place to sensuality, hedonism, and selfishness. If the decade of the '40s was characterized by commitment and sacrifice, the '70s were driven by the 'me' generation. And so it has continued to the present day. Who would have believed that by 1996, for example, lawmakers in 22 states would be trying to decide whether or not to legalize marriages between two or more men, or two or more women? Who would have expected 49 state governments to be promoting neighborhood casinos and lotteries to encourage gambling? Who would have thought that federal government would have spent nearly $3 billion promoting safe sex nonsense among teenagers? Yes, we've drifted far afield from the world our forebears knew in 1946.

"Now we're paying dearly for that shift away from traditional values. Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant, 30 million babies have been aborted, marriages are in ...

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