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Alcoholism, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, abortion, homosexuality, school violence, child abuse, pornography, rape, robbery and murder pervade our nation. America is drowning in wickedness and immorality. For example, Oregon approved legalized physician-assisted suicide in 1994 and reaffirmed the law in 1997, making Oregon the first government in the world to make the practice legal. California law AB1785, requires pro-homosexual tolerance education at all public schools and all grade levels, including Kindergarten. AB1931 provides taxpayer funded grants to take children on field trips to teach them diversity and tolerance of homosexuality.

Almost ten years ago, U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan published a disturbing essay entitled "Defining Deviancy Down." In an issue of The New Republic, Commentator Charles Krauthammer wrote that "Moynihan’s powerful point is that with the moral deregulation of the 1960s, we have had an explosion of deviancy in family life, criminal behavior and public displays of psychosis. And we have dealt with it in the only way possible: by redefining deviancy down so as to explain away and make 'normal' what a more civilized, ordered and healthy society long ago would have labeled--and long ago did label--deviant."

(Christian Research Institute letter, December 6, 1993. From a sermon by Gerald Flury, A Bankrupt Nation, 8/9/2011)

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