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America is incrementally and systematically rejecting God. America’s moral bankruptcy is symptomatic of its spiritual bankruptcy. For example:

• In 1962 the Supreme Court ruled against prayer in our schools. In 1963, they outlawed Bible Readings.

• In Alaska public schools, students were told they could not use the word "Christmas" in school because it had the word "Christ" in it, nor could they have the word in their notebooks, nor exchange Christmas cards or presents, nor display anything with the word "Christmas" on it." (William J. Murray, "America Without God," The New American, June 20, 1988, p.19)

• Public schools were barred from showing a film about the settlement of Jamestown because the film depicted the erection of a cross at the settlement, despite the historical fact that a cross was erected at the Jamestown settlement. (John Eidsmoe, "Christianity and the Constitution" Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1987, p. 406 )

America is no longer guided by Christian principles. For the greater part of our society secular humanism has become her god. To believe in the God of the Bible in America today invites the wrath of the media. True Christianity, is ridiculed, vilified, and hated. But if you want to propagate strange gods? America will open her arms. No problem! Take your choice! Whether its Buddha, Hare Krishna, the moon god – Allah, or Al Gores’ earth goddess Gaia, as long as it’s not the Lord Jesus Christ, feel free to worship.

When Governor Perry of Texas, in a non-political prayer rally on Saturday, called for American Christians to pray, protesters gathered outside the arena to condemn the event. One of the protestors included a minister who touted, "The brand of Christianity being offered today is one of fear, and we want to let people know that God loves everyone, not to be afraid,"

"As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, so they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins by national calamities." --George Mason, Father of the Bill of Rights

(From a sermon by Gerald Flury, A Bankrupt Nation, 8/9/2011)

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