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A few years ago, the U.S. Dept. of Education released a 680-page report about the teaching of History in our schools today. Researchers had taken the 60 most popular history textbooks, used by 88% of the nation’s students, & went through them to see what we’re teaching the kids in those textbooks. Adding them all up together, those 60 history textbooks contained 670 stories or vignettes dealing with personalities in our nation’s history.

Now of those 670 stories, just how many of them do you suppose came out of the founding era of our nation - the days of the 13 colonies, of Patrick Henry, of George Washington & Benjamin Franklin?

Out of the 670 stories in all these history textbooks, only five dealt with the founding era. Only five! And three of them were about Sybil Ludington. Have you ever heard of Sybil Ludington? Evidently she was a girl who hopped on a horse in 1777 & warned her neighbors that the British were coming. Three of the 5 stories were about her.

The 4th story was about a girl who wanted to be in George Washington’s army, but Washington wouldn’t let her join. So she ended up carrying food to the soldiers at Valley Forge.

The ...

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