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ILLUSTRATION... Star Wars Episode I

The Trade Federation is angling to take over the planet of Naboo, placing Queen Amidala, its ruler, in peril. The incursion sets off a galactic political struggle. One of the pivotal points in the movie comes when the Queen seeks out the other inhabitants of the world to form an alliance. They have never been on friendly terms and never really talked with one another. But now they have a common enemy that threatens them both.

The Queen goes to ask for assistance in helping to defend their world. The chance of these folks helping is slim to none. Yet, when Queen Amidala approaches the leader, she does something unexpected... she bows. The Queen bows. In humbleness and respect she asks for their help. There is silence for a moment. Then the leader, Boss Nass, a huge alien looking creature starts to laugh. No one knows if this is a laugh of “you silly people” or some other kind of laugh. He laughs and explains that he likes that she does not put herself above them. He agrees to help and to fight. What made the difference. The difference was the humility of the Queen.

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