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Sometimes tragedy kind of sneaks up on you. It comes at you like termites at an old wood-frame house. It eats away for years, then one day the rafters of the house give way before you ever realized what was happening. Sometimes tragedy simply hits you full-body and knocks you down. The shock of it leaves you disoriented and confused. Many times when tragedy is extreme, you don’t know where to turn or how to move on. It has long-lasting effects. People who have suffered tragedy are known to feel depressed or hopeless for a long time afterwards. Six months, nine months, a year later the effects of tragedy are evident. The bible addresses tragedy. It doesn’t necessarily give us the answers we want.

We are usually looking for a reason why tragedy strikes, the Bible doesn’t give us a complete answer to that question. What the Bible does give us is hope in the midst of tragedy. The Bible tells us that tragedy, no matter how encompassing it may be in our life never has the last word. The last word is always Triumph.

In the Old Testament a woman named Naomi experienced tragedy, but she traveled from that tragedy by way of trust and found, by God’s grace triumph. Let’s go on that journey with her. Her story is in the Old Testament Book of Ruth.

SOURCE: Steve Salmon in "Travelling from Tragedy through Trust to Triumph" on

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