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’Is God behind this war?’

Staff Sgt. Larry Hill works with the 123rd Signal Battalion. He’s from Atlanta, and has two young sons. His wife is expecting a baby girl in June. He was told he would never see combat, but has spent the last several days fighting through ambushes with the 3-7th. He sits in his communications van working on a radio handset while we talk.

"We almost died out there and now we have to go back [into battle]. I’m thinking, I might not see my wife and kids anymore. It has me writing ’if-I-don’t-make-it’ letters.

"I have a more personal relationship with God now. I’ve been talking with Him every day and thinking about the afterlife. If I kill somebody, will God shun me, or embrace me? Is God behind this war?"

SOURCE: from the March 31, 2003 edition.

"Faith and family: sustenance in combat

’Daddy, Scooby-Doo is not a good name for a Bradley.’"

By Ann Scott Tyson, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor.

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