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“Many people argue, ’I do believe in Christ. I believe in the Church, and I believe in the Bible. Isn’t that enough?’ No! You must RECEIVE Christ.

"I may go to the airport. I have a reservation. I have a ticket in my pocket. The plane is one the ramp. It is a big, powerful plane. I am certain that it will take me to my destination. They call the flight three times. I neglect to get on board. They close the door. The plane taxis down the runway and takes off. I am not on the plane. Why? I ’believed’ in the plane, but I neglected to get on board.

"That’s just it! You believe in God, Christ, the Bible, and the Church - but you have neglected to actually receive Him in your heart. Your belief has been an impersonal, speculative thing, and you have not entrusted yourself to Him."

Source: Billy Graham. From a sermon by Jason Jones, "Sending Beautiful Feet" 7/17/08)

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