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Have you ever received a gift that you wanted for a long that had great sentimental value to it? What did you do with this gift once you had it? You probably utilized it for whatever uses it was for, until it was unusable of course.

God gives every believer the gift of the Holy Spirit the moment you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. This is a gift that is to be utilized to its fullest extent. This gift will never be unusable! When Christians get to the point where they think they are either too old, too intelligent, or already have all the experience they need to learn more, this is a dangerous stand. We are telling God that the gift of the Holy Spirit cannot be used by us. We are saying that His gift is unusable.

Here are ten ways that the gift of the Holy Spirit reminds, teaches, speaks, reveals, instructs, exposes, convicts, rebukes, corrects, and works to help us grow in more wisdom and live pleasing to God.

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