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& we try….

A pilot always looked down intently on a certain valley in the Appalachians. "What’s so interesting about that spot?" Asked a fellow pilot. "See that stream? Well, when I was a kid I used to sit down there on a log and fish. Every time an airplane flew over, I would look up and wish I were flying... Now I look down and wish I were fishing."

That is pretty well the way it is, isn’t it? - sometimes even though we do get what we want - we still can’t be satisfied. Everyone wants more. A little child wants more toys and more TV time; A Teenager wants more clothes, more freedom, more popularity. Most adults want more also; a nicer house, a newer car a better job, more prestige.....

And often we do get more – we get a new car and we are content..... for awhile. We buy a new home - it’s the home of our dreams and we are content.....for awhile. The job we always wanted comes knocking at our door - great pay, incredible benefits - and we are content.....for awhile. One of God’s prophets wrote the following words to God’s people about 2,500 years ago; (they were on the screen just a moment ago)....

"You have planted much but have harvested little. You eat, but you do not become full. You drink, but you are still thirsty. You put on clothes but you are not warm enough. You earn money, but then you lose it all as if you had put it into a purse full of holes...You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little."

- Haggai 1:2-6

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