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A pilot always looked down intently on a certain valley in the Appalachians. "What’s so interesting about that spot?" Asked a fellow pilot. "See that stream? Well, when I was a kid I used to sit down there on a log and fish. Every time an airplane flew over, I would look up and wish I were flying... Now I look down and wish I were fishing."

That is pretty well the way it is, isn’t it? - sometimes even though we do get what we want - we still can’t be satisfied. Everyone wants more. A little child wants more toys and more TV time; A Teenager wants more clothes, more freedom, more popularity. Most adults want more also; a nicer house, a newer car a better job, more prestige.....

And often we do get more – we get a new car and we are content..... for awhile. We buy a new home - it’s the home of our dreams and we are content.....for awhile. The job we always wanted comes knocking at our door - great pay, incredible benefits - and we are content.....for awhile. One of God’s prophets wrote the following words to God’s people about 2,500 years ago; (they were on the screen just a ...

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