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During the height of the Cold War, a former FBI agent wrote a book about Soviet spies working in Washington, and how the KGB would solicit workers in the FBI and CIA and in the military to work for them. The KGB would never start by approaching an American and asking him or her to steal "top secret" documents. Instead, they would start with something simple, something that was in fact pub-lic information, like an office telephone directory. No big deal. It was something the American worker would justify because it was public information. But it would still be a thrill, and it would put some extra spending money in the American’s pocket. It would be enough to hook the American into doing it again. Next time it would be a file. Then it would be something confidential, then it would be some-thing very secretive. But that would come later. At the beginning, it would be nothing more than a telephone directory. No big deal. And so it is with temptation.

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