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Erma Bombeck writes in one of her books, "When did I become the mother and the mother become the child? Does it begin one night when you are asleep and your mother is restless? And you go in her room and tuck the blanket around her bare arms? Does it appear one afternoon when, in a moment of irritation, you snap, "How can I give you a home permanent if you won’t sit still?" Or did it come the rainy afternoon when you were driving home from the store and you slammed on your brakes, and your arms sprang protectively between her and the windshield... and your eyes met with a knowing, sad look. The transition comes slowly, as it began between her and her mother. The changing of power, the transferring of responsibility, the passing down of duty. Suddenly you are spewing out the familiar phrases learned at the knee of your mother. "Of coarse, you’re sick. Don’t you think I know when you’re not feeling well? "So where’s your sweater? You know how cold the stores get with the A/C." "You look very nice today. Didn’t I tell you’d like that dress?" "Did you take your nap this morning." And on the parents part rebellion.. "I’ll thank you to let me make my own decisions. I know when I’m tired! Stop treating me like some kind of child." But that’s exactly what has happened. Slowly, almost imperceptibly. So you bathe and pat dry the body that once housed you. You spoon feed the lips that once kissed your cuts and bruises and made them "all better." You never really thought it would be like this. Then one day while riding with your daughter, she slams on her brakes and her arm flies out instinctively in front of you. My..... so soon. That’s the love cycle of the family Don’t despise your parents when they are older.. accept, appreciate & affirm them. Honor your Mother and Father.

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