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In his book, "Come Before Winter," Charles Swindoll tells the story of Marian Anderson. She was the famous black contralto who won world wide acclaim as a concert soloist. She was once asked by a reporter, "What was the greatest moment in your life?" She had a lot to choose from. In 1955, Marian Anderson became the 1st black woman to ever sing at the Metropolitan Opera in NY. Then came that night when she gave a private concert in the White House for the Roosevelt’s and the Queen of England. In 1963 she was awarded the coveted Presidential medal of freedom. To top it all off there was an Easter Sunday when she stood in front of the Lincoln monument and sang for 75,000 people. But when the reporter asked, "What is the greatest moment in your life?" Marian Anderson said, "The greatest moment of my life came on that day when I was able to tell my Mother that she didn’t have to take in laundry ...

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