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Ruth Axsom is a dear friend of ours and she relates this true story of her father that I think it illustrates so well what we’ve been discussing this morning.

Ruth’s father, Robert Eason was 8 years old when he lost his father, John Eason. It is hard to lose your father at any time but Robert not only had to do without his Dad at a very young age he had to live with the fact that his Dad was murdered. What makes it even worse was that the murderer was his Uncle Bob. Apparently this Uncle always had a bad temper and one day there was an argument between Robert’s Dad, John, and his Uncle Bob and this uncle pulled out a gun and shot and killed John Eason. There was a trial and Uncle Bob was sentenced to 3 years in prison and he was to financially care for Robert and the family. But due to some legal technicalities, Uncle Bob never served a day in jail and he never paid one cent to help support the family. As you can imagine Robert had much bitterness toward his uncle.

About 5 years after the murder, Robert’s mother remarried a fine man named George and they lived on their farm which adjoined Uncle Bob’s. One Day Robert and his step-father gathered their axes and saws to fix the fence that ran around their property. When they came to the edge of the land that ran next to Uncle Bob’s they had to stop and repair a portion of the fence. All of a sudden Uncle Bob came storming out of his house accusing George of placing the new fence on his property. In the next few moments Robert, now 13, would face the most difficult decision of his young life. Uncle Bob came right up to where they were working and then bent over to show George where his property line was. Robert had an axe in his hand. It must of seemed like time stood still. There was his father’s murderer right beneath him and he had in his hands the ability to once and for all give him the punishment he deserved. All the hatred welled up within that young soul and in silence he lifted up the axe far above his head. Just an instant before he was to let that sharp axe head come crashing down into his Uncle Bob’s body, George stepped in and grabbed his arm. Robert Eason to this day says there is no doubt but that he would of killed his uncle if it hadn’t been for his step-dad. Uncle Bob apparently heard the commotion and looked up with a start. Realizing what had just happened he stood wide-eyed looking at Robert. George quickly told him to go back into the house and sobered by the turn of events, he did. Robert’s step-dad then took the time to talk to him about revenge and hate and he said something that Robert Eason quotes to Ruth to this day. His step-dad said, "Robert, you’ve got to let it go. He’ll be punished enough, the Lord will take care of it but not if you take it out of His hands." That lifted a weight from 13 year old Robert that day as he left justice in God’s hands, it helped him overcome his bitterness toward his uncle.

What ever happened to Uncle Bob? Many years later while sleeping in his bed a rat got in the house, bit him while he slept and that wound grew infected and brought to an end the life of the murderer of Robert’s father. And Ruth’s Dad, who now lives in Indianapolis says, without a doubt that his step-father stopped him that day, from making the greatest mistake of his life and helped him realize that the Lord has the ultimate justice.

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