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Remember Your Sword

Prop: Butter Knife and large Sword

First let me say I collect and sell swords for a living so it wasn’t hard for me to get a real sword you may have to make a prop sword. Be careful if you bring a real one and make sure no one gets near it.

In our church we have a 5 minute kid story in the big church before we take the kids over to the Junior Church so I’ll tell you how I did it and you can adapt it to your needs.

Good morning boys and girls I bet you’ve been wondering why in the Junior Church we’ve been trying to get all of you kids to memorize verses. Well let me explain how many of you would want to go to battle and just have this to protect you? (Pull out the butter knife and wave it like your fighting. Most of the kids will say no.) Well if not that than maybe this (I went behind a place where I had the 6 foot tall Scottish clamor hid and brought it out. You should of seen the kids eyes.) Well how about it boys and girls would you like to go to battle ...

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