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Augustine the fiery defender of the faith accepted Christ in the most unusual

way. After resisting God for a long time Augustine heard a child playing

nearby, saying, TOLLE LEGE, TOLLE LEGE, which means, Take, Read. He promptly

read a random verse from the Bible, Romans 13:13- 14, and gave his life to


A friend who is a seminary professor in Hong Kong was converted watching the

ultraliberal, blasphemous movie "Jesus Christ Superstar." He wrote:

"In September 1978, as I was in a very desperate and low state of mind, I

went to the Ocean Theatre to watch a movie called "Jesus Christ Superstar".

The Spirit of God spoke to my heart powerfully through that movie! As I

looked to the life of Jesus, I found that Jesus loved me so much. Though I

strongly felt that I was a sinner, Jesus still loved me and died for me on

the cross. I still remember there was a shot showing Jesus¡¦ painful look as

he was hanging on the cross, but all of a sudden, Jesus prayed, " Father,

forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Lk. 23:34 ) I was cut to the

heart by this prayer and my tears came out as much as it can be. I accepted

Jesus¡¦ love and forgiveness deep down in my heart. Praise God! He saved me by

this unusual means and through this unexpected incident. (Via email 8/13/00)

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