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Many years ago, I failed the Lord in a stupid teenager deed.

I can painfully remember January the 1st, 1968.

I was raised in the parsonage,

I was 16 years old, I knew right from wrong.

But I failed the Lord!

1/1/68 was always a painful memory of my stupid


Before the sun went down Jan. 1, 1968 I begged God

to forgive me for breaking the very heart of God.

On Jan. 2nd, I begged God for His forgiveness.

On Jan. 3rd I begged God for His forgiveness.

And this continued for many years as the enemy oft

reminded me of my failure.

In 1970 I started college and moved to Tennessee

for my education.

One day as I was driving to class my enemy

rightfully accused me of my failure.

And I again asked the Lord to forgive me.

In 1973 I had been to classes, my junior year,

and driving home I remembered Jan. 1, 1968

and the enemy laughed at me for my failure.

I went to my apartment where Linda and I lived and

laid on the couch.

I know not that I was awake or asleep,

but as I lay there remembering my failures of

Jan. 1, 1968,

Jesus appeared right in front of me.

And I immediately cried and told him I was so sorry

for breaking his heart on Jan 1, 1968.

He said, Hum, Hum, as he stroked his beard, and he

reached for the book of my life.

I could see the tops of the pages,

I could see the headings : 1961, 1962..etc.

As he neared the end of 1967 my heart was broken

because I knew that he was getting close to a

terrible page in my life.

Finally, Jesus turned to the page for which I had

long dreaded.

He took his right hand and stroked his beard several

times and said, Hum!

I then had a fear come over me.

I looked in His eyes and I wondered,

I reached over and I touched the book and I pulled

it down where I could see the whole page of

Jan. 1, 1968 and to my surprise it was totally


WHITE! Snow white!

There was not one blot of dirt or anything on that


I said to Jesus, "I very clearly remember

Jan. 1, 1968.

To which He replied to me,

"Son, you asked forgiveness for that on that

evening and I took my blood and

I washed your black sin and made it white as snow

and removed it as far as the East is from the West.

As far as I am concerned, you have been justified ...

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