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preaching article Authentic Preaching: Bringing Yourself into the Message

Authentic Preaching: Bringing Yourself into the Message

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May 28, 2011

I’d like to discuss the value and necessity of authentic and transparent preaching.

Every year, I personally mentor a handful of young speakers. Most of the speakers I work with don’t struggle with researching the text, preaching creatively, building meaningful outlines, or pointing people toward the gospel. Most of the communicators I see struggle to bring all of themselves to a message.

When you preach or teach, you must bring you. Without you in, around, and through the message, you will not impact today’s listener.

The younger audience today has a built in authenticity-meter. You can preach with passion, humor, clever points, or heart-wrenching stories. But if the scriptures haven’t touched your life, the listener will know it—and ignore your well-crafted message.

People want to know:

  • How has the text affected you?
  • How have you failed in the area the Scripture addresses?
  • What about the text makes you uncomfortable?
  • What do you feel about what Scripture is saying? (I know our feelings don’t trump scriptural truth, but talking about how we feel about the text can help engage others at a deeper level.)
  • How are you becoming different because of your study in God’s word?

Which preachers do you listen to who do a good job of bringing themselves into the message? How are you learning to “bring you” as a communicator?

Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv. Meeting in multiple locations around the United States, and globally at Church Online, LifeChurch.tv is known for the innovative use of technology to spread the Gospel. He speaks at conferences worldwide and has written several books, including his recent release: Weird: Because Normal Isn't Working

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Sterling Franklin avatar
Sterling Franklin
0 days ago
May we be used by God as illustrations of the Gospel in effect, and as inspirations to love Jesus more!
John E Miller avatar
John E Miller
0 days ago
We must always bear in mind that Christ and only Christ is the subject of the preaching. We must be very cautious about introducing our own experience except in the context of magnifying the grace that has brought us into the family of God and maintained us in the joy of our salvation. We must point only to Jesus. He is the perfect example to whom we must direct our audience. He will never disappoint. John 15:26-27 stands good today for us as it did for the Apostles. The Spirit of God, the Helper, testifies of Jesus and we need to be in sync with Him. If we are, those who hear the word will know that we have been with Jesus. That is the key to authority in proclaiming God's message of salvation to saint and sinner alike.

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