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preaching article The Most Common Mistake Preachers Make

The Most Common Mistake Preachers Make

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Aug 25, 2012

Preaching coach Dr. Frank Thomas believes great preaching starts with strong sermon structure. He shares how it's done.

Dr. Frank Anthony Thomas has been an ordained minister and pastor for 26 years. He currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

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John E Miller avatar
John E Miller
0 days ago
Simple, concise and instructive. Good words.
Anthony R. Watson avatar
Anthony R. Watson
0 days ago
Short and to the point. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The problem that I see with "some" African-American Baptist preachers, is that they have spent their lives developing the celebration phase of the sermon while neglecting the other phases that was mentioned. Thus, whooping and hollering has become the norm and this is most unfortunate.
David Jankowski avatar
David Jankowski
0 days ago
I'll give this a try in an upcoming sermon. I tend to use the Hook, Book, Look, Took structure, and I think that's self-explanatory too.
Pastor Sandy . avatar
Pastor Sandy .
0 days ago
Thanks for this - "easy to recall" good points!
Keith  B avatar
Keith B
0 days ago
Sounds like good points.
Charles Wallis avatar
Charles Wallis
0 days ago
I like the structure - I think i need to put more celebration in my sermons since I tend to spend time on situation and complication which may be discouraging. I have also learned hook, book, look, took but don't apply it enough. Most importantly I have learned to start with scripture in sermon preparation and stay with scripture helps a lot with structure, rather than rambling platitudes of "great ideas" I have come up with.
Mark Weinstein avatar
Mark Weinstein
0 days ago
Sounds like sound advice. To think of it another way, we are story-tellers that must be sure the audience understands all the components of a good story: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion, and as the great Spurgeon told us, we must always finish at the foot of the cross.
David Buffaloe avatar
David Buffaloe
0 days ago
Great points - thanks
Spencer Miller avatar
Spencer Miller
0 days ago
I had a seminary instructor, the late Rev. John A. Hall, who would drill it into our heads, he start each class of with these words, "structure, structure, structure" and then he'd say, "let the whooping come naturally if it comes at all, but the most important thing in your sermon is structure". Very sound advice.
Derrick Tuper avatar
Derrick Tuper
0 days ago
Even though I hadn't thought of your four points like that before, I decided to match them to my most recent sermon. I preached on the fact that we're special to God. The situation: we don't think we're special. The complication: we won't live like we're special. The resolution: scripture pointing to how special we are to God. The celebration: living a motivated and encouraged life. Interesting structure format. Thanks for sharing. I'll be paying more conscientious attention to that when I formulate a sermon.
Ronald Handlon avatar
Ronald Handlon
0 days ago
This approach is similiar to Paul Scott Wilson's "The Four Pages of the Sermon" Page One: Trouble in the Text. Page Two: Trouble in the World. Page Three: Grace in the Text. Page Four: Grace in the World.
Dan Keeton avatar
Dan Keeton
0 days ago
I like this man! Good words and reminders.
Prescott Jay Erwin avatar
Prescott Jay Erwin
0 days ago
Great advice. I'm looking forward to hearing about the other four mistakes!

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