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Dr. Fred Craddock is known throughout the church as a master preacher and mentor of preachers. The Bandy Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, he is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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David Stickley

commented on Oct 6, 2012

Dr.Craddock's thoughts have helped me this morning. First of all, some of his suggestions, I already do and this serves as an encouragement. I have always wondered about the "barrell", but he has helped me understand how to use that resource. Thanks for this encouraging message. Pastor David Stickley, Kecksburg, PA

Michael Morton

commented on Oct 6, 2012

If you have never had the opportunity to hear Fred Craddock or read his books, you have missed a blessing and a learning experience. Due to age and health he does not preach as much as he used to but he still has a great mind. "Preaching" by Fred Craddock is excellent. Many people wanted to preach like Fred, I among them, but we have all fallen short. This was a very good video.

Ginette Marie Dun-Robin C

commented on Oct 6, 2012


Jb Bryant

commented on Oct 8, 2012

@Randy Alonso - I took the time to listen to about 20 minutes of the last sermon you have posted online ("TAKE A HOLIDAY - DAY OF ATONEMENT") from September 30. I think you are wishing you were someone else in your comments, because I heard a very well-delivered sermon with good audience participation and reaction. I heard enthusiasm and seriousness. Sure, you don't deliver the energy of, say, a stereotypical African-American preacher or a radical Pentecostal televangelist. But if that's what you wish you were delivering, I think you're focusing too much on delivery - they aren't you. Chances are you are more low key and perhaps more intellectual than they in your natural temperament. Focusing too much on delivery causes us to want to portray someone else's personality and thus can make us inauthentic. And in this case I think you may wish you pulled on the emotional strings more - which might cause you to neglect reason and exegesis. You delivered a strong message, and I heard both passion and reason throughout. Be you the way God uses you.

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