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preaching article Sex, Marriage, and Fairy Tales

Sex, Marriage, and Fairy Tales

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Feb 25, 2012
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This creative video provides a powerful statement about God's purpose for marriage--to make us holy.

Practical Idea: Use this creative video in your next preaching series on relationships or marriage. 

I love Jesus, I'm addicted to grace, and I'm just a messed up dude trying to make Him famous.

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Jimmy Jackson avatar
Jimmy Jackson
0 days ago
A very effective message for both men and women, but most effective for men. Thank you young man! I pray you will always hold true to the words you have spoken.
Robert Tevis Iii avatar
Robert Tevis Iii
0 days ago
Everything that he says is a good message. The poetry is passionate and good. The problem I have is with the messenger... he's not married and comes from a home where a good marriage was not available. In art, the messenger is just as important as the message. It is easy to take pot shots when you are not in the trenches. How would he know if marriage is viewed as a job if he has only experienced the vacation of dating? If I were to see this in church, I would say "ain't that cute" and then turn to a couple who has been married a long time for their teaching. I am not saying that singles can not teach about marriage, but this is not teaching, but art. The artist is elevated and in this case, the poet has no experience. Mad grace to all, and especially thank you to Jefferson Bethke.
Reverend Daniel Forster avatar
Reverend Daniel Forster
0 days ago
Ths is the second video I have seen from Jefferson. Both times God's Spirit was moving in his message. Jefferson, I pray you stay humble, and I pray you continue to preach by His Holy Spirit. The art you present is an excellent communicator for all, especially a new generation of believers. God Bless!!!
J. Jones avatar
J. Jones
0 days ago
I respectfully disagree that his message is just cute because he has never been married. If you used a couple who was married for a long time as your guide, you may have used my parents. They were married 40 years before my mom passed and they never spoke to each other. From the outside, though, they looked happily married. On the inside, though, a very different story. They only reason they were together is that they did not believe in divorce. Before I was married, I had no idea of what a functional marriage looked like--but I absolutely knew what a dysfunctional one looked like. And now my husband and I have made 16 years and going strong and I know that that's because of the Lord, himself, and because we knew what we did not want our marriage to look like. What really moves a message along is the Holy Spirit. If Jefferson is as passionate about Jesus in his everyday walk as he is in this message (and I have no reason to assume otherwise), I am not worried at all about whether the people who are meant to hear this message will receive it or not. The Holy Spirit will do what HE does best.
David Parks avatar
David Parks
0 days ago
As one who came from a dysfunctional family but has been happily married for 40 years, I am impressed with the content of this young man's message. The content reminds me very much of Gary Thomas' Book and DVD titled, Sacred Marriage. If he is able to put these principles into practice when he gets married, his marriage will be both sacred and happy. I wish I had known this much about marriage before I got married.
Myron  Heckman avatar
Myron Heckman
0 days ago
I appreciate the good theological foundation of this - the message is strong enough that the video doesn't elevate style over substance. The content does come fast so one has to pay attention, and then ponder. It probably bears watching a time or two extra.
Andrew Dixon avatar
Andrew Dixon
0 days ago
All praise to the Lord. The message is a good message and it elevates the Lord not the messenger. Unless I misunderstood some of the other comments, it doesn't matter that he has not been married, it doesn't make the message any less true. Our experience doesn't validate the truth, it's just the opposite. Jesus was never married and what he said about marriage was simply from the word of God, and likewise this young man spoke what was biblically based. His spoken word also contained more truth than many sermons I have listened to, and just in case anyone is wondering I'm a pastor and have been married for 28 wonderful years. Keep spreading the truth young man.
Kevin Crain avatar
Kevin Crain
0 days ago
Great message. I'm bugged by the idea in the comments, if he's not married he's got nothing to say! That's a little like telling a youth pastor he can't speak into teens lives because his kids aren't teenagers yet. His might not be a full perspective, but he speaks the truth! You go bro!
Robert Fa'atoia Collins avatar
Robert Fa'atoia Collins
0 days ago
Well done young man, good rapping man. I like it and I think its true. I can hear it as a song, because every line has a rhyme word to match the other. Keep telling the story of Jesus till He comes. Blessings
Dennis Cocks avatar
Dennis Cocks
0 days ago
Very good!
Beth Aguilar avatar
Beth Aguilar
0 days ago
The workers are few, even if you are not yet married, like Timothy be Bold in sharing the Gospel, surely the message of God will not return void.
Rondell Jackson avatar
Rondell Jackson
0 days ago
He made this video to advertise Driscoll's sex book
Rondell Jackson avatar
Rondell Jackson
0 days ago
and if you don't believe that, he made another video not on here that says so
Rondell Jackson avatar
Rondell Jackson
0 days ago
I'm just cautious to accept everything from someone who just said religion was what Jesus called whorish and that he likes Driscoll's book because it's gritty, his term. You have to be extremely clear about your connotive meaning since it flies in the face of authentic holy living. This one is OK, but it ads a book that the author has already expressed some remorse about.
Miriam J Beard avatar
Miriam J Beard
0 days ago
To Rondell Please reread your new testament of the Holy Bible. Start with Matthew Chapters 23 thru 26. There is a difference between religion and faith, true standing on His Promises faith. You may need reminding it was the hypocrites religious priests who conspire to kill My Lord. This is the religion this young man is referring to. His message is timely and may he keep letting the Lord guide him and not the religious folks. AMEN!
Rondell Jackson avatar
Rondell Jackson
0 days ago
Wow, that is really patronizing. Sorry that you doubt my faith in Jesus based on me not liking two videos that aren't clear to unbelievers and are problematic with key ideas about obeying Jesus' commands and the importance of authentic holy living as in such passages as John 15:10, Matthew 28:20, and James 1:27. He needed to be more clear on "hypocrisy" in this culture, but many were confused because he did not indeed make it clear to the people he was trying to reach. James 1:27 mentions religion as a positive thing and we need to obey Jesus' commands if we love Him. There is a difference between "religion" and "hypocrisy," which was not defined clearly to those who have no background in churchianity.
R.l. Wilson avatar
R.l. Wilson
0 days ago
First let me just say, nicely done and relevant message. I don't think churches talk about this subject enough. But, it is extremely hard to take this message seriously considering that Jefferson has never been married and I have kids older than he is. Let's keep it real here, how could this message be used to counsel a couple who is struggling in their marriage or even be used at a marriage retreat? Jefferson, when God sends you your helpmeet and you are married at least five years then perhaps someone would take this serious. Marriage is nothing to be taken lightly from someone who is merely a bystander and not in the trenches of the arena.
Sterling Franklin avatar
Sterling Franklin
0 days ago
v Like Jesus and Paul, right?
Chaplain Shawn Kennedy avatar
Chaplain Shawn Kennedy
0 days ago
This is very well done. It's biblically accurate and relevant. Age and marital status should not be taken into account when it's biblical truth. I'm finding more and more writers are commenting on the person rather than what is written or said. As a teacher used to berate me for my commentaries in school- "stick to the text!"
Thomas Stribling avatar
Thomas Stribling
0 days ago
Jesus was relatively young and single! Scripture tells us his wisdom was beyond his years! For as I am concerned its all about the message not the messenger. Jefferson thanks for the gift! I am married to my first wife of 38 year and at the age of 59 it came a little fast! Yet it merits to be listened to over and over because we need to be reminded of our committment to God, church and our spouses. It is my prayer that you continue to live what you preach. Blessings to you
Jay Didriksen avatar
Jay Didriksen
0 days ago
R. L. Wilson - I couldn't disagree with you more brother. We should probably encourage the single life for ministers like the Apostle Paul, Jesus lived, and almost all of the 12 Disciples. Perhaps those single can give a better understanding of marriage than those of us caught up in it. However, those married can better relate with those in marriages but it does not mean I understand God's perspective better.
Angela De Souza avatar
Angela De Souza
0 days ago

So, what did you think?

Thank you.