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Too many pastors work at churches they would not attend if they didn’t get paid to be there. Think about this: If you work at a church, would you attend it if you didn’t get paid to be there?

The answer to that question will tell you a lot about your church and whether you should be working there. I talk to so many pastors who would not attend the church they work at. Bottom line, maybe they shouldn’t work there.

Over time your church will attract people who are like the people in leadership and on stage. So when you are planting a church or pastoring a church, do it with the mindset of, “Would I come to this church?” The easiest way to be passionate about your church and what is happening is if you want to be there.

I get asked a lot if I am really as excited about Revolution as I seem on Twitter and my blog. Yes. I love my church and what God is doing there. I can’t wait to get there on Sundays.

The question I started with, “Would you attend the church you work at if you didn’t get paid to be there?” was the impetus for us to leave the church we worked at in Wisconsin and move to Tucson to eventually start Revolution. The answer to that question says a lot. It is a scary question to ask and even scarier to look that answer in the face, but I wonder if more churches would be healthier and more effective if pastors and staff wanted to be there.

Josh Reich is the lead pastor of Revolution Church in Tucson, AZ, which is trying to live out the rhythms of Jesus. The church's dream is to "help people find their way back to God."

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Lafern Cobb

commented on May 21, 2016

Love my Church!!! Love our Church Family!!! I'm not a Pastor because of money! I love the heritage and legacy of the Church. Next year our church will celebrate 150 years! In 2020 our gorgeous building will be 100 years old. There is a time capsule in the corner of our church building. We have a list of what is inside. I've been Pastoring with this church for 23 years. In the ministry for 34 years. We don't have a stage we have an altar and a pulpit and a sanctuary. We don't perform on Sundays, we worship, we pray, we sing and we preach the Good News of Jesus Christ!!! It's exciting to read that people especially the millennial generation are heading to the liturgical churches. They want the ancient and the beautiful and the sacred. They are tired of smoking mirrors and performances and rock concerts. This younger generation wants to sit in pews and sing out of hymnals and read out of the Bible. We sing hymns and choruses. We have drums and guitars and flute and saxophone and trumpet and piano. Church is amazing! Do I want to leave.....only if God leads elsewhere. Would I attend the church I Pastor? Yes! For 23 years and counting. I think it's time we stop "performing" and start serving. I think it's time we let God become greater than our egos. If you are truly a Pastor the Church Family will become more like Jesus Christ, not who we are. ,

Jordan Arnold

commented on May 21, 2016

Somebody ate his Wheaties this morning :)

Jeff Glenn

commented on May 22, 2016

Frankly, I think it depends on the particular church where a pastor is serving. Some churches are dynamic and some are...well...dull. I probably would if I could sense that God was moving in my current place of service, but...

Don Nelson

commented on May 22, 2016

In my 36 plus years of ministry, I have known many preaching buddies who decide to make a move. One left for just the reason you stated. In the time that he was with them, members moved in and out and the church had changed. I have known many more that felt God was moving them to a different congregation. In that group, none moved to a smaller church. No... God was calling them to a bigger, better (in their words) and higher paying church. Sad... We need to preach the word, save the lost and love doing it right where we are. If the Lord brought you there in the first place, He must have had a good reason. Truth is... God can use us for His glory anywhere! But only if we let Him. Don't let money or some other unspiritual and carnal thing determine why we are where we are. THANKS for your article

Bill Bland

commented on May 24, 2016

Lavern Cobb, I would love to worship with your church. :)

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