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Larry Osborne offers time-tested wisdom to help leaders avoid two dangerous mindsets that often destroy pastors.

Practical Idea: Share this video with your ministry team to create a discussion about leadership health. 

Larry Osborne serves as senior pastor and teaching pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, CA, a multi-site ministry with more than 7,000 in attendance each week. He just released his newest book, Sticky Teams: Keeping Your Leadership and Staff on the Same Page (Zondervan); he’s also the author of Sticky Church: Slamming the Back Door Shut (Zondervan). For more of Larry's thoughts, check out his blog at or

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Myron Heckman

commented on Dec 10, 2011

Two thumbs up on the two points. Most of us need to go through a ministry crisis to make us fit vessels for the Master's use. The key is through that crisis to learn about our own weakness and the greatness of God.

Sterling Franklin

commented on Dec 11, 2011

Very helpful, #morearticlesandvideoslikethisplease #thathashtagwastoolong

John Modgling

commented on Dec 26, 2011


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