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Here's why the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church isn't interested in being cool.

Mark Dever is the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church and the author of Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.

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Scott Shannon

commented on Feb 17, 2014

This was a very powerful two minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I use the words of Jesus in almost every sermon I preach. Sometimes people are offended, but I know that so many in my congregation think they are saved, but I know they are not. Thank you.

Jim Needham

commented on Feb 17, 2014

While I certainly agree with the idea that the gospel will be offensive to some (as Paul says) I have found that way too often people are offended NOT by the gospel but by the lack of love and lack of clarity by which it is presented. Some people seem to wear it as a badge of honor that they have offended others. The focus of this clip seems off balance to me: While we should expect that some will be offended and never water down the good news, our focus should always be on how we can become more apt at presenting it with clarity and with love. The title, and to some degree the clip itself, seems to invert this focus.

Norm Yukers

commented on Feb 17, 2014

People who live in darkness will always be offended by truth. But, sometimes the truth will truly set them free. I agree with Jim we preach from a heart of love but not to accomodate sin.

Ralph G Gillard

commented on Feb 17, 2014

Before we can preach the gospel we need to know what the gospel message is. We need to know the answer to the question: ?What must I do to be saved?? It is VERY important that we get it right. (In my opinion perhaps even most evangelical christians aren?t getting it right.) We are NOT born again when we decide to become a follower of Jesus. Following Jesus, is a FRUIT of being born again not a CAUSE. We are born again when, perhaps despairing of all other options, we look to Jesus and rely upon Him, in his UNDESERVED kindness to us, to save even an undeserving, disobedient, wretch like us ? when we entrust ourselves to the One who ?justifies the UNgodly?. As Wesley wrote in one of his hymns ?it?s mercy all, immense and free?. I have spent over 45 years trying to understand clearly the answer to the question ?What must I do to be saved?? I have written a small book that ?reasons from the Scriptures? on the answer to this question. If anyone emails me at I will email them back a copy free of charge.

Ralph G Gillard

commented on Feb 17, 2014

Sorry about all the question marks in my comment below. The machine interpreted all my quotes and dashes as question marks

Tony Bland

commented on Feb 18, 2014

Very good point, but I just think that people are not offended because ?the pastor is not talking about me? or well we all are sinners ?.

Dale C

commented on Feb 19, 2014

I'm afraid that most people in the western world who think they are saved, are not. If we were around after the rapture, it may surprise us just how little effect that event will have. The common expectation that millions will simply vanish may not be true. It may be measured in thousands, which will be more easily explained away considering "the saved" were not taken. That ought to have us VERY concerned. The time is short, very short.

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