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John Piper shares what works for him—but cautions that it may not work for you.

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Alexander Shaw

commented on Mar 3, 2014

This is so very helpful - the details - the openness - but also the comment - work it out - work at it your way. Our New Testament Professor at Edinburgh University, James S Stewart was similarly so positively helpful. Get hold of his superb book on Preaching - the "Teach Yourself Series" brought it out - it was his Warrack Lectures first entitled - "Heralds of God" - get hold of it if you can!

Sylvester Warsaw, Jr.

commented on Mar 3, 2014

This illustrates the beauty of God and how He works with each of us differently because of our uniqueness and differences in personalities. God is so awesome. The only wrong way to do sermon preparation is not to prepare wrestling with the Word of God.

William Kenna

commented on Mar 5, 2014

As I am not called to be Pastor Piper, why am I concerned how God has him do what he does? Have we lost the ability to be who we are and to preach and teach as we are individually called to do?

Anonymous Contributor

commented on Mar 5, 2014

We can learn from him how god used him.

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