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Preaching and Evangelism: 20 Sermon and Worship Resources

Encourage your church to live out the Great Commission every day with 20 powerful preaching and evangelism resources. 


1. Becoming A Great Commission Christian

This morning we are going to talk about something that God calls us to do, that can often make us uncomfortable. The Bible calls it, the Great Commission. It is one of the last things and most important things that Jesus said while He was here.

2. Unashamed Evangelism

What did the woman at the well have to say? How did she say it? What impact did she make?

3. Whom Shall I Send?

This message was shared along with my testimony of my recent trip to India to conduct a series of crusades and chuch leader trainings. It is a challenge to the congregation to be available to God’s purposes in their lives. 

4.Shake It and Shine It!

What is my true purpose on earth? To preserve and project!

5. Revival in the Valley

How can revival take place today when the churches seem to be dead and there is no voice to speak life into them? Are there any people who will stand in the gap and not only pray but act on God’s behalf to revive them? 

6. Leaving the Holy Huddle

I believe that most Christians in America are living unproductive, unfruitful, and basically selfish lives. One of the reasons I believe this is true, is what I like to refer to as the "holy huddle." The holy huddle is the tendency for Christians to surround themselves with other believers going from one fellowship group to another. It occurs when believers isolate themselves from non-Christians, developing relationships only with other believers. They end up having few deep friendships with unbelievers. Honestly, this trend concerns me a lot, but more importantly, I think it’s breaking God’s heart.

7. Knowing the Heart of God

Know the heart of God for the lost. Looking at the life of Jesus, we come to understand what is needed to reach the lost - compassion.

8. The Heart of God Seeks the Lost

The mission of God is to search for those who are spiritually lost or living under a false theology. God sought out Adam and Eve, invited the children of Israel to join him in his mission and so does Jesus. 

9. The Problem with Focusing on the Wrong Things

How to ID false teaching so we won’t lose focus in the last days.

10. Jesus Evangelism

So, you’re not left guessing, the principle is simply: Earn a right to be heard. It’s a hard principle. It’s one that Christians have been incredibly guilty of overlooking or bypassing in their zeal to ‘bring Christ to the nation’. Yet, this is a principle that we must practice in order to accurately represent Jesus and in order to expect any measure of success at all!

11. Prayer Evangelism

Luke 10 gives us a model of evangelism that invites us to bless our neighbours, develop relationships, pray for them, and then present the Gospel. 

12. Relational Evangelism

In the gospels one of the most fascinating aspects are the stories of the lives that were dramatically changed by the power of Christ. Men and women were touched by Christ so deeply that they literally left all and followed Christ.

13. You Carry the Gospel!

If we truly believe then we will want to share the Gospel in actions as well as words.

14. Evangelism

There are many things that keep us from carrying out the commission of God, how can we overcome those things to fulfill the great commission?

15. When the Sanctuary is Hot

When the sanctuary is hot it promotes evangelism, it proclaims the messiah, and it provides a place of peace.

16. Power of Evangelism

The joy of Hannah’s trust and the power of God is a strong passage on conquering our own fears; including fear when sharing our faith.


17. PowerPoint Package: Search and Rescue 

Use this background set to talk about the importance and urgency of evangelism.

18. PowerPoint Package: Sharing Your Faith

This brightly colored background set is perfect for your message on evangelism and Christian witness.

19. PowerPoint Package: Communicate Christ

Train your congregation in evangelism and effective Christian witness using these whimsical backgrounds.

20. Video: Evangelism

What is evangelism? The Skit Guys help us navigate the perils of telling people about the Gospel.

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