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In every generation there are challenges for those who preach the world. This completely secular video is instructional, and it could be a great intro for your next sermon. As preachers, it reminds us of the world our people live in, and the unspoken assumptions they bring to everything they read, see or hear. You might also use the video as an introduction to a message about using discernment in our modern context.

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Noel Lapatha

commented on May 20, 2013

There are pastors who are becoming internet addict. They just keep on "swallowing" what to them is interesting. This is noticed by people in the pew who, upon receiving the bulletin for the coming Sunday, check the sermon title and the text, they found a number of sermons with the same title and text and read them. Beside the ad libs on Sunday, they knew the sermon before it is preached.

David Holland

commented on May 21, 2013

Well done! Good information.

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